Short Birthday Wishes and Messages (with Images)

Are you looking to say Happy Birthday to someone but want to make it quick and simple? Not too many words, nothing overly elaborate or wordy? Or are you in a rush and had forgotten to send someone a card? What you need is a short Birthday message!

A short Birthday greeting is ideal for a birthday card but also the perfect way to wish someone a happy birthday on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. These social media sites are designed for simple and short bits of information. Twitter, for example, has a maximum character limit of 144 characters, which is just right for a short Birthday message.

If you are sending a regular card or eCard though, and you have the time, then a normal length message may be more appropriate. But short wishes have their place, and if that’s what you’re looking for then our huge collection below should have exactly what you need. From cute and sweet to funny and touching, we’re sure you will find what you need.

Short Happy Birthday Wishes

These messages and wishes should be suitable for most occasions and situations. You can use them as they are or change them to fit whoever you are sending them to.

happy birthday I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness

Short Funny Birthday Wishes

Making someone laugh or putting a smile on their face during their Birthday is great thing to do, so use these short funny Birthday wishes to bring some joy to the Birthday celebrations.

For a Friend

Wish a friend a Happy Birthday with one of these short, quick and simple messages that show them how much you care.

Quick Birthday Messages for Brother

Need a short and simple birthday wish for your brother? In a hurry and want to be easy but heartfelt? Then take a look at the short messages below that are perfect for your bro’s birthday.

short birthday message for brother

Short Birthday Wishes for Sister

Much like with a brother, as above, if you need a short bit heartfelt and sweet birthday message for your sister then try one of the many below.

For Boyfriend

Say how much you love your boyfriend and wish him a happy birthday with a cute, short birthday message. It’s a quick and simple way to let him know how much you care in his special day.

For Girlfriend

If it’s your girlfriends birthday then better make sure you wish her a happy birthday! But it doesn’t have to be too over the top. Something short, to the point and showing much you love her is absolutely fine. Try one of the messages below.

For Husband

If it’s your hubbies birthday then give him a quick message to let him know you’re thinking if him on his birthday.

birthday quote for husband

Short Birthday Wishes for Wife

Wishing your wife a happy birthday is something you obviously should do, but should also want to do! It doesn’t always have to be long love sonnets that go on for days. Sometimes something short and sweet is more than enough. If that’s the case then use one of the short wishes below.

These examples will have hopefully helped you find or write the perfect short birthday message.

Short birthday wishes and quotes pinterest small

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