Birthday Wishes for Mom: What to Write in a Card

Not sure what to write in a birthday card for your mom? Need some really heartwarming and sweet birthday wishes for a mom? Read on as we’ve got just what you’ll need.

When your moms birthday comes around you will probably want to make it special for her. You can’t get away from it, a mom is one of the most important people in the majority of people’s lives. She brought you into the world, raised you, help guide you through your early years. Her love and strength is so impressive. All in all, moms are pretty great!

So making her birthday a really special event and something she will remember and cherish is understandable. The main ways to achieve this is usually with grand gestures – a big party or gift. Those are perfectly good ways to show your love and how much you care, but sometimes smaller tokens of your appreciation can speak the loudest.

That’s why a touching, well thought out or even funny birthday card and message can be such a lovely way to show in a more understated manner just how important she is to you.

But here comes the problem: even though a mom is so important to us it can still be really difficult to know what to say to her. Expressing your feelings in a few words can be tricky. You want to make sure they reflect exactly how you feel without sounding too cheesy.

Thankfully writing a birthday card message doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. To help we’ve put together a whole range of birthday wishes and greetings that are written specifically for moms. From wishing her a happy birthday to funny or religious messages we’ve got you covered!

You can either change them to fit your situation or copy them directly into a card, send them in a text or even use them on Facebook.

Have another year of joy laughter and many more happy memories happy birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

These birthday wishes are ideal for saying happy birthday to your mom and showing just how much she means to you. Write these in your card or on Facebook to touch her heart and make her feel extra special on the big day.

If I grow up to be half the woman you are I’ll be more than happy. Thank you for everything mom and have a great birthday!

You’ve always been my guide, mentor and inspiration. I’ll never stop loving you. Have a wonderful birthday

I could write a thousands words here and it wouldn’t come close to saying how much I love you. I cherish every day you’ve been my mom and every day you continue to be. Happy birthday

You’re not only mom but my best friend. I love you so much and wish you the happiest birthday

Happy Birthday Mom bicycle image

your birthday cake has an impossible job because no one holds a candle to you

Funny Wishes

You might prefer to make your mom laugh on her birthday. A witty or funny birthday message can be a great way to put a smile on your moms face. And let’s face it, birthdays are meant to be fun and filled with happiness. What better way to achieve that than with laughter!

Happy Birthday to my superhero

From Son

If it’s your moms birthday and you’re her son then you might want to say something extra special. Maybe let her know what she means to you or thank her for everything she’s done. Try one of the birthday wishes below.

Its a bird it's a plane no it's my supermom

From Daughter

Like above with a son, if you’re a daughter then you can tell your mom how much if a role model she had been and an inspiration to you. A sweet message from her daughter will be very special to a mom on her birthday.

Religious Wishes

If your mom is religious then sending a religiously themed message might be appropriate and appreciated. Be sure you know that a religious card is the type she would want though. There is the possibility for causing offence here so tread carefully and be absolutely certain before going ahead with it.

No one else is as lucky as me as I've got a supermom

Happy Birthday Mom Images

To my first heroine you deserve a day off today happy bday

Happy birthday to the best mom in the world no one comes close to you

Happy birthday mom love you so much

To my amazing mom have a wonderful birthday you deserve it

May all your wildest dreams come true happy birthday mom

We’re confident these examples will help you get the ideal message. Letting your mother know just how amazing she is shouldn’t have to be hard or embarrassing. So reach out and say how you feel with these Happy Birthday wishes for mom.

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