47 Short Sad Love Quotes to Make You Cry

Heartbreak and losing a love can be one of the hardest things to deal with. During that time it can help to know that other people have gone through and had the same feelings you have. That’s why sad love quotes can be so useful and comforting when you are hurting. Take solace in the fact that many before you have felt the same way and managed to get through their lost love, learn from them and try to heal.

So use this selection of short sad love quotes, sayings and images to heal your broken heart and find strength throughout the tough times.

Short Sad Love Sayings

Short Sad Love Quotes

Pick your Favourite Sad Love Quotes

Unfortunately relationships and falling in love inevitably lead to sadness sometimes. It’s just part of life. And often it’s these moments of heartbreak that makes us appreciate true love when it comes along.

It’s how we react and deal with that sadness. Not letting it beat us down or crate lasting damage.

Hopefully these quotes will have put that loss or feelings of despair into perspective – helped you embrace the pain and cope as you work through it.

If you have a favourite from our short love quotes we’d love to hear which one and why. Maybe it relates to a break up you’ve had or has helped to put a past love behind you.

Just leave us a comment below – we love hearing from you!

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