66 Spooky Skeleton Names to Tickle your Funny Bone

So, you want to name a skeleton? Why you’re looking to give a bunch of bones human characteristics.. well we aren’t going to ask any questions. That’s your business. Maybe it’s just as simple as you’ve got a skeleton for Halloween, perhaps for your children. Maybe you picked one up at a yard sale because you thought it was kind of fun. Maybe it’s your only friend! (Just kidding!) Whatever the reason it can be fun to come up with a quirky name for a spooky skeleton, especially for the kids during Halloween. And Sleletons can be more exciting than a traditional pumpkin or Jack-o-lantern.

But if you’re not great at coming up with witty and clever words, and a lot us aren’t, then you probably need a little help finding your bag of bones the perfect name. So if you are struggling to decide what to name your skelton, or can’t think of a really good skeleton pun, try this selection of our favourite funny skeleton names. Hopefully you’ll find them humerus (get it!?) enough to be your bony pals new title.

Famous Names

Some famous actors, historical figure and musicians all have names that turn out to be great for a funny pun. So if you want to name your skeleton after someone famous then try these.

Nicholas ribcage famous skeleton name

Female Skeleton Names

If you’re skeleton happens to be a she then these girl skeleton names should be perfect for her.

Dee ceased female skeleton name

Male Skeleton Names

You might have decided that your skeleton is a he, in which he will need a boys name, and these should do the just the job.

Jim reaper male skeleton name

More Names

Here are just a few more that don’t really fit in the other categories but we think are still pretty cool and fun.