Thank You Messages for Gifts You Received

Receiving a gift is great, right? Be it for a common occasion – birthday, wedding etc, or unexpected and out of the blue. That warm feeling of gratitude and joy you experience. And alright, some gifts aren’t exactly what you wanted. But it’s the thought that counts! And giving a gift is a selfless and generous thing to do. So it’s only right to thank the person giving the gift. Acknowledging their generosity and letting them know you appreciate it is both polite and a good way for them to feel pleased with their actions.

One of the best ways to do that is by sending them a card. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. Just something to let them know you appreciated their kindness. But what exactly to say? Thankfully it’s not as hard as you think. Thank you messages for gifts are far easier to write than most first think. Follow the below steps and see some of the examples listed to get a good idea of how to express your gratitude for gifts. Or alternatively you can copy any of the messages you find fit your situation.

Guide to Writing a Thank You Message

The process for writing a thank you message or note can be broken down to a few steps. Following these will make it much simpler if you’ve decided to compose your own.

  1. Start by thanking them for the gift – “thank you so much the lovely gift”
  2. Let them know why you liked it so much or what it means to you – “I loved it! I’ve been wanting a new phone/book/luggage etc for so long”
  3. Maybe include an example of how you’ve used the gift – “I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it. What a page turner!”
  4. Mention their generosity – “You shouldn’t have been so generous!”
  5. Finish by thanking them again and signing the card – “Thank You again for the wonderful gift. Love ______”

You don’t have to stick to the steps but it should give you a good idea of the sort of format to use. It doesn’t have to be too long either. Short and to the point is more than enough to get across your feelings.

If you’d prefer some further help in the form of examples then read on.

Short Thank Messages for Gifts

Thank You Message for a Gift Received

Long Thank You Messages for Gifts

Give Thanks Messages

For Wedding Gifts

For Birthday Gifts

For Christmas Gifts

Thank You Message

Quotes for Thank You Cards

You can use a quote for some famous names to help express or illustrate your thoughts more concisely.

Remember that the wording in your thank you card isn’t nearly as important as you might think. Whilst you might struggle or worry what to say the recipient will just be touched you have thought of them, whatever it says. So as long as you send a card or note, and it’s from the heart, your thank you message for their gift can’t go wrong.

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