What to Write in a Mother’s Day Card for Teenage Mothers

Becoming a teenage mother can be a scary and daunting prospect. Aside from the stigma attached to it and the societal pressures just having to look after a child at such a young age must be incredibly frightening.

So if you know of a younger mom, or mom-to-be, offering support and kindness is definitely going to be appreciated. Encouraging rather than demonising is the way you should be treating them, and a good way to do this is through a card.

You may feel they have made bad decisions or wrong choices but support and genuine love could be the perfect way to guide them to a better life.

So use one of the Mother’s Day messages for teenage mothers below. You can copy them directly or change them to fit your situation.

What to Write in a Mother’s Day Card for Teenage Mothers

Use these messages to encourage and show your support for a teenage mother on Mother’s Day

  • Welcome to the world of motherhood where, in caring for the baby, a woman really learns to give and receive love.
  • We’re wishing you the best of luck and happiness with your new journey. You’ll make a great mom
  • The miracle of birth brings with it other miracles- new love, new joy, new hope – in ways only a new mother can appreciate.
  • Being a mom is a blessing, and one we know you will handle with skill and good grace. Happy Mother’s Day
  • Enjoy the most important and life affirming job you’ll ever have – that of a mother
  • Becoming a mother is beyond special. It fills your life with a love that nothing compares to. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day
  • Have a lovely Mother’s Day
  • Wishing you a joyous Mother’s Day

Mother's Day message for teenager mother

From Friends

  • Happy Mothers Day! We’ll always be there for you if you need us
  • Don’t forget that your friends love and support you
  • No matter what else changes, some things like love and friendship remain constant. That’s true for us.
  • I’m going to be right there by your side as you travel on this amazing adventure.
  • Your strength and bravery are inspirations to us all. Keep up the incredible work!
  • Your life is changing in so many ways, one thing that will stay constant though is your friends
  • You’re already an amazing mom and someone I’m proud to call my friend
  • Motherhood is a platform on which women in all age groups stand, pay attention, and discover opportunities to pursue their purpose.

From the Parents

  • You can do it and when you don’t think that you can, you can look to us as examples.
  • Life becomes more precious as we watch our little girl grow into a beautiful, caring, responsible mother.
  • You deserve our best wishes, not just for today but for everyday you make strides into the world of productive motherhood.
  • For our little charming rosy cheek, who became a darling mom so meek, still figuring out life’s best to seek, love always!
  • You’ve always been quick–to stumble, to cry, to fall, to get up, and now to walk tall and strong in your new role as Mother.
  • Your graceful dance to the rhythm of motherhood enhances our dance of pride and joy.

Religious Messages

You may decide that a religious element to your message or card is appropriate. If so then the examples below will be well suited.

  • Praying that in the garden of motherhood, you will blossom and grow the virtues that will keep you strong and nurture your baby.
  • From the beginning, God always had a plan for you and your baby – to protect you, to provide for you, to prosper you.
  • You are always God’s child even after you become a mother.
  • Your baby is a gift from God and a reminder to expect more of His good gifts.
  • Along with the noble calling to motherhood, God gives the tools – like gentleness, patience, nurture and confidence – to help you be successful.
  • May God sustain you, may your child salute you, as we support you into being the successful mother you were designed to be.

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