1st Birthday Wishes and Messages to Write in a Card

A one year old isn’t going to be able to remember much, if any of their 1st birthday. Parents will take photos to preserve the memories and they will be shown to the birthday boy or girl when they get older. One thing they definitely won’t be able to do is read their own birthday cards. So a 1st Birthday card is really for the parents. This allows you to have some fun with the message. You can choose to go one of two ways – be funny and silly, seeing as the child can’t read it, or be touching in the knowledge the card may be saved and showed to the child when they are older.

If you aren’t sure what to say in a first birthday card though then read on as we have a large selection of examples. You can copy them as they are or change them to fit your circumstances better.

1st Birthday Wishes

Happy 1st Birthday

Funny 1st Birthday Messages

1st Birthday Quotes

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little one year old

Poems for a 1st Birthday

Most of us may not remember that original birthday we had but our families will definitely treasure the memories. So hopefully these messages and quotes will have helped you with some great 1st birthday wishes if you’re attending or sending a card to someone’s 1st ever birthday.

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