50+ Ways to Say ‘Thank you for Having Me’ or ‘Us’

When you are welcomed into the home of someone it’s a lovely gesture on their part. Opening your home up to anyone other than family can be daunting and difficult.

There’s often a lot of work that goes in to hosting people. And you should show gratitude for the time and effort that is put into having you over.

So if you’ve been welcomed into someone’s home then thank them for having you over with these thoughtful thank you messages.

Ways to Say Thank You for Having Me

These are some short and simple ways to thank someone for having you over.

  • Thank you for your hospitality and for welcoming me into your home.
  • I had such a wonderful time. Thank you for having me over!
  • Thanks for letting me crash at your place. I really appreciated the warm hospitality.
  • I’m so grateful for your generosity and allowing me to stay. I can’t thank you enough.
  • I just wanted to say thanks for opening up your home to me. It was great to catch up.
  • Thanks for going out of your way to host me. I had a brilliant time.
  • I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my visit. Thanks for having me!
  • You have such a lovely home. I’m so grateful to you for allowing me the pleasure of staying with you.
  • I always love visiting you and can’t thank you enough for your warm hospitality.
  • I had so much fun! Thanks for including me and making me feel so welcome.

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Thank You for Having Us Over Messages

If you’ve been invited or stayed over at someone’s house then thank them for hospitality and having you over with these messages.

  • We had a wonderful time. Thank you for welcoming us into your lovely home.
  • Thanks for being such generous hosts and making us feel so at home in your home.
  • We’re so grateful that you invited us over. We all had an amazing evening and you are fantastic hosts.
  • Thanks for making us feel so comfortable and at home. You went above and beyond and we really loved visiting you.
  • We really appreciate you going out of your way to accommodate us. We were made to feel like we were part of the family at all times and it made for a lovely time. It was so great to catch up and we can’t wait to do it again.
  • You were such gracious hosts, it’s hard to believe you haven’t had more people stay with you. We felt so welcomed and like you wanted us there. We wouldn’t change anything and wanted to thank you for making it such a great experience.
  • You showed us such wonderful hospitality. We felt included throughout and had an amazing time. Thank you for thinking of us and letting us be a part of the fun.
  • That was so much fun! Thank you for opening up your home and having us all over. A great time was had by all and a big part of that is down to your top notch hosting.
  • That was such a fun get-together. It was good for us to get out and mingle again. So thank you for having us over and being such great hosts.
  • We had the best time at yours and are so glad we could make it. Big thanks for inviting us making everyone feel right at home.

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Thank You Messages for Having Us Over for a Birthday

Being invited to someone’s home for a birthday is lots of fun. Thank them for hosting with these thank you messages.

  • You hosted a really amazing birthday celebration. We all had the best time and loads of fun. Thanks again.
  • We’re so grateful that you hosted my birthday party. I had the best time and it went far beyond my expectations. Everything was just perfect. Thank you for making my day extra special.
  • Thanks for all your effort in throwing such a wonderful birthday party. And to do so in your home with all the disruption that causes. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend.
  • I had the best birthday and that’s all thanks to you and your incredible hospitality. Thank you for a party I won’t ever forget.
  • You’ve opened up your home for my birthday and that is best present I could get. Thank you for doing so much to make it a really happy and fun day. I loved my party and appreciate how much effort you put in.
  • Having all my friends and family around me as I celebrated my birthday was fantastic. The fact that it happened in your home blew me away. Thank you for welcoming all of us with such warmth.
  • Your hard work and hospitality meant my birthday was one I’ll always remember. I really can’t thank you enough for all you did – it was perfect.
  • Having my party at your place was a huge shock but in the best way! You were so generous to open your house to me and my friends for my birthday and I won’t forget that generosity. Thank you with all my heart.
  • I had a blast on my birthday. Thank you for hosting and making it a wonderful occasion. I’m very grateful and couldn’t stop smiling afterwards. You make an incredible host.

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Thank You for Having Me Over for Coffee

After having coffee at someone’s place thank them for their hospitality with these messages.

  • Thanks for having me over this morning. That coffee chat was just what I needed.
  • It was great to catch up over coffee at your place today. Thanks for inviting me over.
  • I always love getting together with you, even just for a quick coffee. Thanks for having me over and we’ll have to do it again soon. Next time at my place!
  • Thanks for the great conversation and of course the delicious coffee! I always have a great time when I drop by. It’s so nice that you have me over.
  • I always love our coffee date at your place. It’s a big highlight of my week. Thank you for being such a generous host.
  • What could be better than having a natter and catch up over coffee with a good friend. It was a lovely way to spend the morning. Thank you for inviting me over.
  • Your home is so cozy – the perfect spot for a catch up coffee date! Big thanks for having me.
  • That was just what I needed. A fun and relaxing chat with my best friend. Thank you for making my day and for having me over – you make a great cup of coffee!
  • I love coming over to your place – it’s so warm and cosy. Just the right atmosphere for a good chat and a good cup of coffee. Thanks for inviting me over.
  • I really appreciate you welcoming me into your home. Things have been tough for me recently and it’s nice to know I have friends who are there with support, even something as simple as just talking over some coffee. It means a lot to me.

Thank You for Having Me Over for the Weekend

If you’ve stayed over at a friends or acquaintances house for the weekend thank them with these examples.

  • I had the best weekend staying with you. You made me feel so welcome and like your home was mine. Thank you for being amazing hosts.
  • Thanks for letting me crash at your place over the weekend. Its always great visiting you.
  • You went out of your way to make me feel at home this weekend. The effort you made was really noticeable and I’m very grateful.
  • I appreciate you letting me stay over for a couple days. I needed some times away to relax and recharge and staying at yours was the perfect weekend getaway. A big part of that was your wonderful hospitality – thank you for making it such a fantastic couple of days.
  • You have a lovely home and family and it was a pleasure to spend the weekend with you. I never felt like I was an imposition and you did everything you could to make sure I was comfortable. Thank you for making my weekend so enjoyable.
  • I feel very lucky to have had the chance to spend the weekend at yours. It was so relaxing and exactly what I needed. Thank you for everything!
  • Thanks for welcoming me into your home for the weekend. I was worried I would feel and be an imposition but you’re hospitality and generosity was just amazing. It was so great to catch up and I hope we can do it again soon.
  • I absolutely loved getting to spend the weekend in your lovely home. You’re a wonderful host. Thank you for having me!
  • Thank You for Having Me Over during the Holidays

    During the holidays we often stay with friends and family. If that’s the case say thank you with these messages.

    • You made the holiday season extra warm and cozy by having me over. I won’t forget it and hope I can repay the favor next year.
    • I can’t think of a better way to spend the holidays – surrounded by the best of friends. Thank you for opening your home to me and letting me stay. I had a great time.
    • It was so thoughtful to include me in your holiday festivities. And to let me stay for the weekend was even more incredible. I don’t deserve a friend like you. Thank you!
    • I always love when I get to spend the holidays with you all. It makes them extra special. Thanks for an amazing visit.
    • Spending time with you this holiday season meant the world to me. I can sometimes get lonely over these periods so being invited to yours was a real treat. Thank you for having me over.
    • Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your family’s holiday celebrations. You welcomed me in like it was completely normal and I felt instantly part of the family. It was so much fun and I had the best time.
    • I won’t forget the kindness you showed me by welcoming me over the holidays. It really made the festive period so much more enjoyable for me.
    • I hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did. Being with you and your family was lovely and I can’t thank you enough for having me over.

    Hopefully these ways to say thank you for having me or having us will have helped you thank someone for their hospitality and generous hosting.

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