Baptism Wishes: What to Write in a Baptism Card

Are you struggling to write some baptism wishes? Aren’t sure what to write in a christening card? A Baptism is a special day so you will want to have a touching message or inspirational quote for the baby.

This guide will show you how to write your own baptism wishes and give you some examples you can use in a card or say to the parents on the day.

Deciding on Your Baptism Wishes

You will want your christening or baptism wishes to be from the heart. Getting baptised is a time for celebration. It’s a rite of passage that signifies your commencement to God and Christ. And just a really big moment for the whole family.

That’s why you should reach out to whoever it is involved with the christening to offer your blessings.

What to Write in a Baptism Card

Writing baptism messages are trickier than they might first seem. It can be tough to know how to express how you feel to the person involved. Even more so if you’re very close to them. And you don’t want to write anything that might be offensive, which is possible when it comes to religious matters.

You can try wishing the child themselves well and offer some words of wisdom that they can read when they get older. Or you can address your card to the parents and let them know how happy you are that their young one is entering into the arms of the Lord.

Baptism Wishes

These sample baptism wishes are more general in their tone so can be used for most situations. They should do a good job of expressing your congratulations in a short and simple way.

You are about to start on an incredible spiritual journey and I’m so pleased I was there to see it. Congratulations on your baptism and beginning your Christian life

For a Baby Boy

Wish the family of a baby boy all the best for his christening with these messages.

For a Baby Girl

If it’s a little girl being baptised then these wishes are perfect for showing her happy you are for her and the whole family.

To the Parents

You can choose to wish the parents of the child being baptised congratulations and let them know how pleased you are their baby is beginning his or her journey of faith. The messages below are perfect for doing this in a card.

May your child's baptism be the start of a life filled with blessings

From Grandparents

From Godparents

If you are the godparent, or godparents, to the child being baptised then your card is seen as more important than the others. Being a godparent is a special honour, one where you are chosen to help with the child’s spiritual journey. With this in mind you will want your wishes for a baptism to be extra special as the young one may look back on it in years to come to reminisce on a momentous occasion in their life.

To my darling Godchild, this marks the beginning of a life built on faith and love. As your Godparents we will be there to guide and help you with whatever you may need.

To Adults

Some people find God later on in life and so choose to be baptised then. These messages are written with adults in mind.

Baptism Quotes


Bible Baptism Verses

If you prefer you can use a bible verse or quote to celebrate a baptism or as a christening message. These verses come directly from the bible and show the real meaning of baptism and why it’s so important.


A christening is a joyous occasion. It represents a truly special time and should be marked in a fitting way. So when reaching out make your words heartfelt and sincere.

We hope if you’re attending a baptism or sending a card and aren’t sure what to say then these baptism wishes and messages will have given you some help.

What to write in a Baptism card wishes

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