Birthday Wishes for Daughter

If you’re a parent then a Birthday for one of your children will be a familiar occurrence. They come around once a year! And if it’s your daughters birthday then you will no doubt be looking to get her a gift and card. But are you worrying about what to write in that card. Well fear not. That’s why we’ve put together this large selection of Birthday wishes for daughters. Just read on.

It’s understandable if you’re finding the words for a daughter’s birthday card tricky. Whilst a standard ‘Happy Birthday’ for an acquaintance or friend is easy enough to do, writing something touching and loving for your child (however old they are) can be daunting. You want to find the perfect phrase or words to express just how you’re feeling. Something that puts across the depth of love you have for her and the happiness she has bought to your life. That’s hard to do though, right?

Thankfully the examples below should help you to get the perfect message. Be it for your younger child or your adult daughter, the birthday messages we’ve compiled will cover every scenario or type of message you want to say to your daughter.

So if you are struggling with what to write or say then choose from messages below and they should help you find the best funny, touching and loving words for your daughter’s birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter

These wishes are fairly general and so should be suitable for most situations. Use them for wishing your daughter the happiest of birthdays. If you want a more specific message – funny or from a specific patent then scroll further down.

to my amazing daughter happy birthday

Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter

These messages should really express how special your little princess is to you. Straight from the heart, bring tears to her (and probably your!) eyes with one of these emotional birthday wishes.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Birthdays should be filled with joy and laughter. So put a big smile on your daughters face with a funny Birthday message.

oh look it's the birthday girl have a wonderful day love mom

From Mom

Use your card to say or write some special words from mother to daughter. Reaffirm that connection only a mom and her girl have with a touching message she can cherish.

From Dad

Your daughter might be daddy’s little girl or a grown up, independent young woman. Either way, you should use her Birthday to give a card that let’s her know just how special she is to you. A card full of beautiful words for your daughter that she can treasure and to be reminded of the relationship she and her dad have.

Happy Birthday Daughter Poems

Want something a little extra special? Try a poem dedicated to your daughter on her birthday. A thoughtful or sentimental poem that talks about how blessed you’ve been to have a daughter could be the perfect inclusion for your birthday card.

You should now be ready to say happy birthday to your daughter with one of these touching birthday wishes and messages.