Crazy Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

If it’s your brothers birthday you probably want to celebrate and have some fun. So a birthday party, cake, candles and a gift are all essential. Maybe a card too. And to top it off – some crazy funny birthday wishes for brother.

Being close to your brother means that on his birthday you can really have a laugh. A lot of it at his expense!

So a funny birthday message that is a bit crazy and out there will be perfect. Think screwball, mad and off the deep end. You don’t have to be formal with your birthday wishes for your brother – he’s your bro! It’s not someone like your auntie or a teacher.

So go crazy, mark your brothers birthday in the most insane and hilarious way you can think of with these crazy funny birthday wishes for a brother.

Crazy Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

happy birthday brother hope you have a crazy day

Crazy Birthday Quotes for Younger Brother

happy crazy birthday bro

We hope you can now wish your brother a crazy funny happy birthday with the messages provided. Enjoy your brother’s birthday and remember that even if he’s annoying and crazy you’ll miss him when he’s gone!

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