50 Get Well Wishes for Teachers

We’ve all had that one really great teacher. Who goes above and beyond to make learning fun and help you achieve your dreams.

So teachers can be pretty awesome. But when one is sick or injured and missing from school you will probably want to send them some get well wishes.

What do you say to wish a teacher a speedy recovery though? A nice get well card with a sweet message is a lovely way to show your teacher you are thinking of them.

So use these get well messages for teachers if you aren’t sure what to say and let your teacher know just how missed they are.

Get Well Wishes for Teacher

  • Looking forward to you getting better and seeing you back in the classroom soon
  • We all miss you! It’s not the same in class without you! Get better soon
  • Everyone in your class is praying for your speedy recovery. Hoping you feel better soon
  • We hope these flowers help you to feel a little better and show just how much we miss you. Get well soon
  • While our substitute teacher is good he’s no replacement for you! We’re hoping you’ll be back teaching us again soon
  • The entire class is sending you positive and healthy thoughts to help with your recovery. You are missed greatly and will be welcomed back with open arms when you feel well enough
  • The whole school is sending our love and thoughts as you recover from being ill. May you have a swift recovery and get back to doing what you do best – teaching!
  • We were all delighted to hear of your successful surgery. You’re now on the road to recovery and it won’t be long before you’re back teaching again. Rest and take it easy, we look forward to seeing you soon
  • There is no one as dedicated as you and I know once you’re feeling well again you will be itching to get back to reaching. Wishing you a speedy recovery
  • We miss you so much we promise we’ll be extra well behaved when you get back! Get well soon!

Get well message for teacher

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Get Well Soon Professor

  • Get well soon professor! Your classes are always so informative and helpful, I will really miss them and you
  • Your lectures are unmissable and you always explain everything so clearly. Wishing you better health and a quick recovery
  • You have always been such a kind and understanding teacher. I will miss you whilst you’re gone. Hoping you feel better very soon
  • Get well soon to my favorite professor. I hope you feel better and are make a steady recovery after your poor health
  • Wishing you a very quick and full recovery. It will be great to see you back teaching soon. We all miss you
  • I am praying that you feel better each day and will make a full recovery from your illness. All my best
  • Classes really aren’t the sane without you. Get well soon, professor
  • I hope this little note cheers you up and let’s you know just how much I appreciate all you do. Get well soon
  • Sending get well wishes to you, professor. May you feel better as soon as you can and we see you in class and lecturing in the near future
  • Please get better soon professor [name]! You make learning so much fun. I’m missing you so much

get well soon teacher

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Get Well Soon Messages for Principal

  • To our principal – wishing you better health and a speedy recovery. Get well soon!
  • You are such an asset to the school. We will keep everything ticking along until you return but wishing you a speedy recovery so you can get back to running things. Feel better soon!
  • We are lucky to have such a fantastic principal and hope you are resting and recovering well. Get better soon
  • The school is praying and wishing you a speedy recovery. We are so keen to have you back in charge. Get better soon
  • I am sending my love and positive thoughts for your recovery. May you enjoy good health again very soon
  • We all wish our principal a speedy recovery and the chance to get back to work very quickly. You are key to the smooth running and administration of the school, and we really need you for all you do. Get well soon
  • We wish you a full and painless recovery. Hoping to see you back at school soon
  • Best wishes for your recuperation after surgery. We hope to see you in full health and back at your desk soon
  • You are the foundation of the school and we miss having you around. Get well soon
  • Please know we are thinking of you and praying for a very speedy recovery

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Get Well Wishes for Kindergarten Teacher

  • Dear teacher, we miss you and hope you’re feeling better. Please get well soon
  • Missing you teacher! Come back soon feeling a lot better
  • We hope this bouquet of flowers for our favorite teacher will cheer you up. It is our way of wishing you all the best to feel better
  • From all of us in class 4B we say get well soon miss [name]!
  • You have always been such a great teacher for our child and we really hope you feel better soon and return to teaching with the same enthusiasm you had before. Get well soon
  • Everyone misses you and hope you like this card we got. Please get well soon miss [name]
  • For our favorite teacher we send these flowers. We wish you a full and fast recovery
  • Get well soon teacher! We are sad you’re sick but know you will be back soon
  • We heard you weren’t feeling well and wanted to cheer you up. We hope you like our card, get better soon teacher!
  • Class just isn’t the same with you, miss. We want you to vine back soon!

Teachers are such important parts of our lives it can be really upsetting when one becomes sick.

So use these get well messages for teachers to show your sick teacher just how much you miss them and want them to feel better.

get well wishes for teachers

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