Happy Birthday Mom: 82 Heartfelt Wishes, Quotes and Images

Are you not sure how to say Happy Birthday Mom? Do you want some examples and inspiration of heartfelt birthday wishes and greetings? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We understand that saying or writing something touching as a birthday message for your mom can be tricky. The relationship we have with our mom’s is like no other. And when the time comes, saying “Happy Birthday Mom” can be far more emotional and moving than you might expect. It may seem like a fairly normal occurrence – we wish people Happy Birthday all the time. But when it’s your own mom it can become extra special. This is the woman who gave birth to, looked after, is your source of strength and loved you. There is almost no one more important in the world than your mom.

So birthday greetings for a mom can be a lot of pressure. You want them to be special and meaningful, expressing the deep feelings you have. But as long as you speak from the heart and your words are genuine then you shouldn’t worry. Try your best to express exactly what you feel and your message will be appreciated for the warmth as love it shows.

So use the birthday messages below to let her know just how much you care and say thank you mom for all she has done.

happy birthday mom wishes

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes

You can use these birthday quotes either in a card, on something like Facebook or just to say in person to your mom.

Happy birthday mom

Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom

Birthdays are meant to be fun, right? So why not celebrate with a funny message. Give her a laugh, maybe poke fun at her or share an inside joke between the two of you.

Happy Birthday Mom Wishes from Daughter

Happy Birthday Mom Wishes from Son

Happy birthday mom you deserve a day off

Long Distance Birthday Messages for Mom

We all lead such busy lives it’s sometimes difficult to be with our moms on their Birthday. So if you’re a long distance from your mom as she celebrates send a message saying you wish you could be with her and hope she has a great day.

to the person I look up to most and an amazing mom

Wishes for a Mom in Difficult Times

Unfortunately tough times and difficult situations don’t stop for birthdays.
So if your mom is going through a rough spell, be that illness, family problems or something else then use these birthday messages to show you’re right there for her.

Birthday Wishes for a Mother Who Passed Away

Use these birthday wishes to remember a mother who has sadly passed away, and celebrate her life.

Happy Birthday Mom Images

have a wonderful birthday mom

Have a great day Mom classy birthday image

birthday Cakes mom Message

birthday message with flowers for mom

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