Retirement Messages to an Employee or Staff Member

If you run a business or are in charge of a company then you will be used to employees retiring. But you may not be sure exactly what to say to an employee when they retire.

It can be hard to know how to wish a retiring employee all the best. You want to thank them for their years of service and let them know how valued they were.

But you don’t want to make it seem like you’re pleased about their retirement. Making an employee feel like you’re glad they’re retiring is the last thing you want.

It’s important to get the right balance. Being happy for them and celebrating their career without sounding too pleased that they’re leaving.

So if you need some help then the retirement messages for employees below should give you examples and idea of what to say and how to show your appreciation when an employee retires.

Retirement Messages for Employees

  • Thank you for your hard work and total dedication to your job. We will be very sad to see you go and wish you all the best for the future
  • Congratulations on a fantastic career. You have been a dedicated and dependable employee who we will find hard to replace. Best of luck for the future
  • You have had such a positive impact around the office, it is a real shame you are retiring. We wish you every success in the future though and you are welcome back any time
  • We are delighted to see you heading off to exciting new things and the beginning of a wonderful chapter of your life. Congratulations!
  • You have been an outstanding employee who has done so much for the company. It is with sadness we say goodbye as you retire, but wish you well for the future
  • It’s been such a pleasure having you as an employee. We are honored to celebrate your retirement and wish you our best for years to come
  • I wanted to thank you for being a wonderful and incredibly well liked worker. You inspired so many of your colleagues and took the younger ones under your wing to show them the ropes. You will be greatly missed. Good luck with your retirement
  • After many years of hard work you deserve an amazing retirement. Thank you and congratulations!
  • You have been one of our best employees and we are very sad to see you retiring. Please go with our blessings and congratulations though as we have appreciated all your hard work and the positive impact you had in the company and around the office. Enjoy your retirement
  • Sending our best wishes for good health and lots of time with your family as you retire. May you enjoy your freedom from work and the exciting new chapter it is he beginning of

Retirement message for employee

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Retirement Wishes for Workers

  • You have shown true dedication and your abilities are unmatched. We have been very lucky to have you and are so sad you are retiring. Please keep in touch and congratulations
  • You always gave your best and for that we will forever be grateful. May your retirement bring you the time to do what you want and a little bit of rest from the rat race. Congratulations
  • Out of all our employees you have always been one of the hardest workers. You deserve a long and fun retirement and we all wish you well whatever you choose to do
  • Everyone at the organization will miss you, from workers through to the bosses and CEO’s. You have been so popular and that positivity you brought to work is going to be impossible to replace
  • You’ve had a prestigious career that you should be extremely proud of. Please take our congratulations as you head off into the sunset of retirement and enjoy your new freedom
  • As your boss I have seen the amazing work you have done and can say with all honesty you are one of the best employees we’ve had. Your retirement is a blow to us but will no doubt be a time of fun and relaxation for you. And you’ve earned it! Congratulations
  • While I’m really sad to lose one of the best workers we had I still want to wish you all the best in your retirement
  • I’m really pleased for you and the time you will now get to spend with family and friends. We shall forever remember your contributions and the influence you had on your colleagues. Best of luck
  • Your value to the team cannot be overstated. The only comfort is you have passed on some of your skills to those who worked with you. But we will still miss you greatly. Happy retirement
  • It’s very disappointing to see you go but on behalf of everyone who works at [company name] we wish you a long and happy retirement

Retirement message for an employee

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Retirement Messages for Staff

  • You will always be welcome here. Your enthusiasm and commitment helped make this company what it is. We wish you a wonderful retirement filled with happiness and memories you will cherish forever
  • No one has been as creative or had the input into so many projects like you have. We are going to miss your magic. Congratulations on your retirement
  • When you look back you will see what incredible achievements you have been a part of. Take all you’ve learnt and those things you’ve achieved and enjoy your retirement with them
  • May you always remember us and the friends you’ve made working here. We wish you an exciting new phase of your life as you retire
  • The hard work you’ve put in has been an inspiration to and motivates us all to do better. But it’s time for you to retire and though we are losing a vital employee we will wish you well as you start a new chapter of your life
  • Wishing you a happy and busy retirement that you fill with all your favorite things. We’re going to miss you loads though!
  • We can’t thank you enough for your incredible service. You’ve been the model employ and we are very blessed to have had you. Enjoy your retirement
  • Thank you for your professionalism and unwavering dedication. We could always rely on you. Have a fantastic retirement and don’t be a stranger!
  • You’ve worked unbelievably hard for such a long time you have earned your retirement. Enjoy your rest and thank you for the service!
  • I want to wish you a long and healthy retirement for years to come. I appreciate all you did for the company and your legacy is assured. Go and enjoy yourself!

Retirement wishes to a doctor

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An employee retiring is a big deal for the entire workplace. From the colleagues through to the managers it’s always sad to see anyone leave.

But you should make it clear just how appreciated they were and wish them well as they leave. Hopefully these retirement messages for employees will help you to say how you feel in the best way possible.

Retirement messages for employees

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