25 Best Ways to Respond to What’s Up

“What’s up?” is a greeting or question asked by virtually everyone. No doubt you’ve asked it yourself and had to answer it too.

We use it to say hi to friends, to ask people how they are and just as a means of communicating respect. So knowing how to respond to what’s up is actually quite important.

Different situations require different responses. You wouldn’t answer a friends “what’s up” greeting the same way you would to a work colleague or stranger.

So if you need some help with how to reply to what’s up then this list of responses should give you all the ideas and inspiration you need.

Ways to Respond to What’s Up

When someone asks you what’s up one of these replies should be ideal to reply with. They’re perfect for responding to a friend or someone you know fairly well.

1. Can’t Complain

This is a common response to what’s up when you don’t have much good or bad happening in your life. You can’t talk about anything really exciting but at the same time there’s nothing terrible happening either.

It’s a neutral sort of reply. When everything is fine. It might sound a bit boring but it’s how much of our lives really are!

2. Not a lot

If you’ve not got much going on in your life then it’s fine to say so. You can’t be expected to have something new and interesting happening every day.

So use “not a lot” when you want to make it clear nothing is really happening and you want to be honest about that.

3. You know how it is

If you don’t want to talk about your life or what’s happening in it then this is good way of being noncommittal. You can sort of shrug and say ‘you know how it is’ and you’re unlikely to get many follow up questions.

4. Same old, same old

If things haven’t changed much or are pretty much the same then this is a good thing to say. It just says that life is continuing the way it usually does, maybe nothing is different to the last time they asked you.

5. I’m good, how about you?

This is a polite way of responding to what’s up and then asking the other person how they are. Quite often people are keen to talk about themselves so this gives them the popular to do.

6. Everything’s good

If life’s is going well and you’re happy then feel free to say so. There’s nothing wrong with expressing that everything is good and shouldn’t feel bad about doing so.

7. Busy as always!

We often lead hectic lives. In fact those asking what’s up may well be experiencing some chaos or stress in their own lives.

8. My spirits after hearing from you!

This is a slightly jokey way to say you’re pleased they asked you what’s up. If you’ve got a friend or colleague you’re always pleased to talk to or see then you can use this as a way of saying so.

9. Good to see you

Sometimes asking “what’s up?” is more of a greeting than an actual question. So if you feel like someone is using it merely as a way of saying “hello” then you can reply with “good to see you”.

It’s a nice way to respond and let them know you’re glad they say hi.

10. I’m doing well

This is more of a response talking about your health or how you’re feeling. Rather than talking about what’s happening in your life you can mention how you are feeling and your state of mind.

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Funny Ways to Respond What’s Up

11. That’s for me to know and for you to find out

This is a little bit of a cheeky or flirty way of replying to what’s up. It also works well if you don’t actually want ti talk to someone. You can shut them down with this without sounding rude or hurting their feelings.

12. If I told you I’d have to kill you!

An old joke but a good one! If you’re looking for a flirty and fun reply to what’s up then this is perfect to add a little mystery to your interactions.

13. My blood pressure!

If you’ve been going through a stressful time or have a lot going on in your life this is a fitting reply when someone asks what’s up. It’s still lighthearted but retains an element of truth in that you are feeling pretty stressed or overwhelmed.

Although it’s likely that you will get a follow up question if you use this reply. So if you don’t want to talk about what’s happening in your life at any length then maybe think twice about using this.

14. My rent!

A funny reply to what’s up, it plays on the fact that the cost of rent is often rising. Most people will be able to empathize and understand what you’re saying.

15. Not my salary, that’s for sure!

This is another response that most people will be able to identify with. If you want to bond with someone then make a joke about your salary!

Everyone will agree they’re not getting paid enough and are due a raise. So it’s a good way to break the ice.

16. Not a thing but a chicken wing!

A bit of a silly reply but a throwaway way of saying that not much is happening or nothing very important. And it sounds pretty silly!

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Ways to Respond to What’s Up from a Colleague

17. I’m absolutely swamped with work!

You can use this if you’re legitimately swamped and just don’t have the time to talk or if you want to avoid getting into a conversation with a colleague. And they’ll understand because it’s easy to believe you could be overburdened with work.

18. So busy!

Similar to the above – if you’re at work you are likely to be busy! For a quick reply to a coworker whilst you’re focusing on work you can use this. Hey, you don’t even need to look up if you’re that busy!

19. Just counting down the hours until the weekend

This is another reply everyone will understand. We all look forward to the weekend so it’s no surprise to find a lot of us count disk the days and hours until it arrives.

There’s a good chance whoever said “what’s up” will agree with you and you may even get into a conversation about work.

20. I’m so stressed with my projects!

If you’re snowed under with different projects then you can use this to let colleagues know you’re too busy to talk. They should understand that you’ve got a lot of work to do and will give you the space you need if so.

21. I just got a promotion!

If you’ve just had a promotion then that’s big news! You’ve got to share it with everyone so when you’re asked what’s up it’s the ideal thing to reply with.

Just don’t sound too cocky or rub it in colleagues faces. You can be excited by try to stay humble too.

22. Our profits thanks to me!

If you’re feeling confident or just want to make a joke about your position at work then this is a great reply to what’s up. You’re colleagues will know you’re joking but it’s a funny and cheeky way to respond when someone asks “whats up?”

How to Respond to What’s Up from a Stranger

23. Who’s asking?

This is a little confrontational but at the same time if a stranger is asking you out if that blue “what’s up?” you’re allowed to be wary of them.

24. What’s it to you?

Another slightly confrontational response but when dealing with people you don’t know well or at all it’s fair to be on guard. If they’re genuine then they will explain what they want quickly enough.

25. The sky

There’s nothing wrong with a big of sarcasm when replying to a stranger. This should be effective if you want them to leave you alone. It makes it clear you’re not looking to talk to them and aren’t taking them seriously.

We hope you have enjoyed these ways to respond to “what’s up” and have found the perfectly reply when someone says it to you.

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