42 Honored to be Godparents Quotes

If you’re lucky enough to be asked then you should be honored to be Godparents to someone’s child.

Being a Godparent may not seem like a big deal but it actually has more responsibilities than you first think. It requires a certain amount of trust and shows how much the parents value you as a friend and important person in their lives.

They’re unlikely to just ask anyone to be Godparents to their child. So yes, being a Godparent is an honor.

But when you’re asked you may want to express your gratitude and actually say how honored you are to be Godparents to their child. As it’s quite a big deal it only seems right to acknowledge how proud and pleased you are to have been chosen. Not to mention thank them for picking you.

So use these honored to be Godparents quotes to show your gratitude and how pleased you are to be given such an important role.

Honored to Be Godparents Quotes

honored to be Godparents quote

Proud Godparents Quotes

These quotes are about being a proud Godparent and how it makes you feel. Both proud to have been given the role and proud to see your godchild growing up.

Thank You for Choosing Me as a Godparent

Say thanks for being chosen as a Godparent with these thank you messages and quotes.

Thank you for choosing me as a Godparent

We hope these honored to be Godparents quotes have helped you to express how proud of being a Godparent you are and show thanks for being chosen as one.

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