Thank You Card Sayings and Messages

Writing a thank you card message is tricky. In fact writing any card message is usually difficult. Knowing what to say and the correct words to use is daunting. But don’t be put off! We can help make the process much easier and painless.

We’ll take a look at how to write a thank you card first and then different types of thank you messages for different scenarios. Be it a card to thank someone for a gift, a family member or friend, or just a service provided to you. If you just want to get straight to the pre written messages and sayings though then use the links in the table of contents below:

You can use any of the messages you find here exactly as they are or customise them to fit your situation (add in or remove parts, rewrite them etc)

How to Write a Thank You Card

So, you’ve received a gift from someone (maybe for your birthday), they’ve provided a service or done you a favour. You want to thank them for it but don’t know where to begin. It’s actually a lot easier than you would think. It doesn’t have to be long or fancy in any way. Just break it down into a few steps:

  1. Begin by thanking them for the gift/service – “thank you so much for the new phone you got me” or “I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service at your day spa”
  2. Let them know why you liked it so much or what you’ve done with it. Use specific details to show how much it meant to you – “I’ve been using it non stop since it arrived – I love the amazing camera!” or “the treatments and massages I had were brilliant and the staff went above and beyond to help with any questions I had”
  3. Tell them what it meant to you – “It was such a lovely gift and you know exactly how much I needed a new phone. I now have exactly what I wanted!” or “the spa day was to help me unwind after a stressful time so to have such a great experience and be made to feel special was just perfect. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it”
  4. Finish by thanking them again – “Thank You for being an amazing friend and for such a thoughtful gift!” or “Thank You again for a fantastic service. I’ll be recommending your spa to all my friends”
  5. Then sign your name! And that’s it.

It’s really that simple. Realistically anyone can write a quick thank you note. It’s just getting over the initial worry of not knowing what to say. However if you’re still not feeling confident or want a little extra help and inspiration then take a look at the thank you sayings below.

Thank You Message

Simple Thank You Messages

These are some of the most basic messages and sayings. They’re perfect for a very short note or card that’s already got its own message. You can of course use these short sayings as a basis to writing your own and add words from the heart.

  • Thank you
  • Thank you so much!
  • Many thanks
  • Thank you for everything
  • Please accept my thanks
  • Sincerest thank you
  • Thank you for such a thoughtful gift
  • Thank you for your time
  • I honestly can’t thank you enough
  • Words can’t describe how much I appreciate this/you
  • Thank you for such generosity
  • It doesn’t feel like enough, but thank you!
  • I’m so thankful
  • You have my full gratitude
  • I don’t deserve you – thanks!
  • Thanks for being there when I needed you
  • I appreciate it/you so much
  • I appreciate the effort you went to for me

Thank You for putting up with me quote

Sayings and Messages for Gifts

If you receive a gift it’s only good manners to send a thank you card or note. If you’re struggling with what to say then use these messages for a gift:

Messages for Services

Another reason you might send a thank you card is when someone has helped you. This could be a friend using their own time to help you move, supporting you through a difficult period, or even a staff member/service that has gone out of there way for you. Letting them know how much you appreciated their help is a kind gesture to go towards repaying them. Use some of the examples that follow:

Thank You for being awesome message

The final thing to remember is that even though you are worrying over what to write the recipient of your thank you card will not care. They will appreciate the time and effort you took to send a thank you message, and be touched by the gesture.

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