Happy Birthday, Beautiful: 63 Birthday Wishes For Her

Is one of the favorite women in your life about to celebrate a birthday? Want to wish her a happy birthday in the most special way possible? Be it your wife, girlfriend, sister or even mom it’s always nice to let those beautiful women we hold so dear know how much we appreciate them. And even more so when it’s an occasion like their birthday!

But finding the right words for your birthday wishes can be tricky. You can stick with something tried and tested like Happy Birthday Beautiful! However you will probably want to say something a bit more unique. These ladies are important to you, right? So try our list of sexy and cute birthday wishes that will properly show her how amazing she is.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Wishes for Women

These messages are designed to be ideal for any of the women in your life. Use them in card, to go with a gift or even to say to in person. Just give all those special ladies the biggest birthday wishes you can.

Happy Birthday Beautiful

For a Beautiful Wife

Use these touching and affectionate birthday wishes to say happy birthday to your wife. Show her you care and that she’s the most important person in the world to you.

Happy birthday beautiful flowers

For a Beautiful Girlfriend

For a Beautiful Sister

You may not instantly think of your sister as being beautiful but she’s an important member of your family. Tell her how special she is with these birthday messages.

For a Beautiful Daughter

To every parent their daughter is the most beautiful in the world. Use these wishes to let her know you feel that way.

For a Beautiful Friend

Send a friend some cute or sweet words on their birthday with these wishes.

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